“iOS 12 is designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful,” was the message from Apple.com.

iOS 12 is due out this fall, and with it comes several new features including:

– Private End-to-End Encryption
– Better Battery Life
– Improved Tracking Protection
– Tighter Security

The best feature coming in iOS 12, is one people use daily, and don’t even think twice about. 2-Factor Authentication, or 2FA for short, is used with just about every secure service today. It is a way to combat password leaks, and ensure the user is who they say they are. A text message is delivered from your provider (email provider, bank, or website), to your phone. From there, you’ll have to memorize the code, then enter the code on the providers site to gain access. With iOS 12, this process will become automated. Your 2FA code will automatically populate into the confirmation screen, eliminating the need to memorize the code before it changes.

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Source: Apple.com

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