Anyone who owns an Apple product, knows how important it is to have your technology available to you at all times. AppleCare+ provides protection both from product defects, and accidental damage. Often times, a quick trip to your local Apple Store will help get your product replaced immediately. With a busy holiday season, however, inventories are low, and lines are long. 

This is where an often overlooked benefit of AppleCare+ comes in. A few minutes on the phone with an Apple Specialist can get this process initiated quickly. They’ll ship you a replacement, and you’ll have up to 10 business days to send your defective/broken unit back!

So how does this affect you? Like most small business owners, you don’t have time to step away for hours at a time. And sometimes, it’s not a hardware problem at all. The CNS team has experts that can solve any MacOS/iOS problems you’re having.

Call Coastal Network Solutions to support all your Apple products today!

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