Insurance agencies sell your business coverage every day in case of a disaster. But what happens when that same insurance agency doesn’t have an IT partner watching their systems? Accidental data loss, security breaches, and crashes pose a constant threat to an agency owner, as well as their clients.

The typical response sounds like this. “Everything is working now; we’ll call someone whenever there’s a problem.” This strategy is like trying to get insurance after an accident, hoping to have it covered. You end up with a HUGE bill, and there may be additional costs that aren’t immediately known. Worse yet, there may be professional repercussions in the event of a security breach. Notifying your customers that their data has been compromised, because your agency didn’t take the proper precautions, is a conversation no one wants to have.

So how will you protect your agency? Hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to proactively monitor your network is the solution. A competent MSP will proactively monitor your systems, validate regular backups of your data, and ensure you’re meeting industry compliance. A good IT service provider isn’t cheap, but a predictable cost pales in comparison to putting your agency at risk.

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