By now, most people have heard of the term Voice over IP (VoIP). But do you know what it is, and how it can benefit your business?

VoIP eliminates the need for traditional phone lines, and many of the addon charges that go with them. So how does it work? With VoIP, your calls are routed directly through your Internet line. You’ll have a complete phone system that has all of the functionality of a traditional phone system, without the high costs.

For example, a doctors office needs to be able to have up to 4 simultaneous calls to accommodate their patients. For a traditional setup, they would need to pay for 4 phone lines. In addition to that cost would be their music on hold, and call forwarding fees.

If that same doctors office moves to a VoIP solution, that number can be reduced to 1 phone line, including 5 DID’s. DID’s are additional calls that can run from one number. In addition to reducing the number of phone lines, the office can benefit from an automated answering service (ex. push 1 for the receptionist, push 2 to speak with a doctor), setting out of office hours to automatically start and stop, and have a built in music on hold. You can even have a sound file of a voice mail emailed. Best of all, with lower phone bills, the savings can be used toward strategies that grow your business.

VoIP is designed to be flexible and allows you to do more for less. Give Coastal Network Solutions a call, and find out how to start saving money today!