Most audio/video editing is done on MacOS. But what if you don’t have the budget for a Mac? Ubuntu Studio can provide all the tools needed to do all of your basic editing. Video production tools include:

  • Blender – 3-D modeling, animation, rendering, and post-production

  • DVD Styler – A video DVD production studio

  • RecordMyDesktop – Makes video recordings of your desktop

  • Kdenlive – For nonlinear video editing

It’s not just video that makes Ubuntu Studio great. For your Graphic Design needs, Ubuntu Studio includes:

  • Darktable – Organizes and develops images from digital cameras

  • Phatch Image Inspector – A tool for looking at EXIF and IPTC metadata

  • GIMP – For editing and creating vector images and digital painting images

And, for those of you audio enthusiasts and audiophiles, you’ve got several choices for your audio editing needs. Ubuntu Studio has several audio tools including Ardour 4, Audacity, Brasero, Hydrogen, and the Internet DJ Console.

Ubuntu Studio has all the software you need to get you started in audio/video production, or even jump start your YouTube channel. Check out the feature tour at